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13th June
written by nuno

Today, we went to a beer distributor to buy beer. After ordering a pack of beer, they asked for an ID. I showed my european driver’s license, which is fine for renting a car but I guess is not to buy beer.

I didn’t have my passport with me, so Luis showed his passport. It was Tiago’s turn to pay, so when he was about to pay, they promptly said that Luis had to pay, since he was the one that showed the ID. As portuguese, we solved the problem immediately, Tiago gave the money to Luis so he could pay! Well, not really, they said that Luis had to pay with his own money!

I can understand if they ask the person that shows the ID to pay, but demanding his own money, oh god! We were about to tell them that Luis had Tiago’s money in his wallet and the other way around, but we would rather have the beer than playing games so we didn’t.


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